Hatley Castle, Happy Car
Model 3 Blátönn
Sunshine to Tesla Tour
In the Bat-Cave
First ferry ride
Cruising the Uplands
Charging at Oak Bay Beach Hotel
Cruising the Uplands
Made in the Shade
Delivery Day Smile
In the driver's seat
The Red we didn't choose
At the PNE Forum
At the PNE Forum
At the PNE Forum
First ferry ride
First stolen glances
At the PNE Forum
At the PNE Forum
Model 3 Market share
Model 3 Blátönn specs
Model 3 Blátönn specs
Model 3
Model 3
Tesla Model 3

Blátönn (Blue-tooth in Icelandic) the Tesla Model 3 long-range edition (80 kWh)

  • seats up to four friendly guests in Tesla's serenely-quiet, luxurious and sporty style

  • 500 km max range: quick-charges at 60 km/hr: about 6 hours to a daily charge @ 48A

  • our PV (solar-panels) generate enough electricity to power over 20,000 km/year of Tesla Tours

  • Tesla Superchargers (Nanaimo & Vancouver) charge to 80% (400 km range) in 30 minutes

  • Based on Bloomberg's calculations, ours is approximately the 35,000th 2018 Model 3 built

Detailed Technical Specs:

    • acceleration: 0 - 100 km/hr < 4.6 sec

      • 2015 Performance P85D < 3 sec

      • 2017 P100D < 2.3 sec: quickest production car *ever*

    • range: 500 KM all-electric on a single charge (80 kWh battery)

      • more than double the range of any other eV back in 2012

      • a new 2018 Tesla Model S 100D has a range of over 560 km

    • charging:

      • overnight at home or many area hotels, takes just 4 hours (100km/hr @ 80 A) to a full charge from empty with a Tesla Wall Charger

      • our 18-panel, roof-mounted, grid-tied 4.5 kW array of solar-PV (photovoltaic) panels generate enough electricity for over 20,000 km/year of Tesla Tours

      • Tesla Superchargers (in Nanaimo and Vancouver) provide an 80% charge (360 km of range) in just 30 minutes, so we can road-trip to Tofino and back or right across the US

      • The Cross-Canada Supercharger network will be completed by the end of 2018

Alset Tours™ is an independent organization from & is not affiliated with Tesla, Inc. or its subsidiaries.

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