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How are Tesla Tours Solar-Powered?

How are Tesla Tours Solar-Powered?

All Tesla Tours are solar-powered: we re-charge Big Red at up to 80A (100km/hr of range) with a Tesla Wall Charger grid-tied to our 4.5 kW, 18-panel solar PV array.

Between June 2015 & April 2017, we've generated 9.45 MWh: enough to drive a Telsa Model S over 40,000 km, or roughly 20,000km/year, which is more than enough electricity for all of our planned touring for the years to come.

A big shout-out to Michael Geldreich & his expert PV install team at for installing Phase 1 of our master plan at Tesla Tours.

Stay tuned for Phase 2, as Tesla Glass PV Roof tiles go on sale today, and Tesla Tours Take 2: a blue Model 3 are both scheduled to arrive for the 2018 touring season.

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