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Now Charging: Tsawwassen Mills Supercharger & Vancouver Day-Trips!

Tsawwassen Mills Outlet (south of Vancouver) has just installed British Columbia’s next Tesla Supercharger,  adding to the present network: Nanaimo, Squamish, Hope, Merritt, Kelowna & Kamloops:

We visited the Tsawassen Supercharger yesterday and have some fresh photos to share. Stay tuned for a big announcement of new day trips between Victoria and Vancouver, BC!


In case you missed our Instagram from this summer, here's what it felt like to charge up @ the Nanaimo Supercharger—Vancouver Island's first—over the BC Day long weekend. Arriving as planned with about 50 km of range, by the time we'd ordered our coffee and sat down, we already had plenty of charge to drive home to Victoria!


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