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Happy Canada Day, eh: Patreon is live!

We're electrically-excited to announce that our PV-EV School of Sustainable, S3XY Tesla Tourism is in session! “Gimme a Model S...3...X...Y, what does it spell?” Whaddya think?! ;)

Want your own Tesla? Think you can't afford one? Think again. That's about to change. For just pennies a day, your Patreon pledge provides your connection to our experience in making your Tesla pay for itself!

Tesla Tours is Canada's 1st expertly-guided private luxury tours to gardens, vineyards & craft gems in a solar-eV S3XY Tesla S/3/X around Victoria, BC on spectacular Vancouver Island.

Now you can drive for Tesla Tours in your very own Tesla (*requires commercial license, insurance & the burning desire to be a tour guide with the Tesla Force: solar-power is recommended but optional). We will show you step-by-step how to setup a Tesla Tours affiliate business to help you cover the costs of Tesla ownership. Not only that, but we will mentor you through the process of launching & running your own Tesla Tours franchise (independent business consulting also available).

Your 100% refundable, satisfaction-guaranteed purchase comes with an hour of one-on-one consultation as well as one month of free, 24/7 access to the Tesla Tours Driver's wiki (launch-date July 2018).

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