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Halowe'en & Oktoberfest: Batmobile Brews & Creepy Castles!

There's no better way to tour Victoria's creepiest haunts & best breweries than in our Tesla Model X Hraungler! Better than the Batmobile & room for six guests, from Craigdarroch to Hatley, from Lighthouse to Category 12 to Axe & Barrel, we'll spirit you away to the realm of Deadpool & the XMen with spooky suds & spirited escapes to suit your favourite tricks & treats!


Our first 7-seater "SUV" Tesla Model X is now available for tours.

Hraungler (Obsidian, lit. 'Lava-glass' in Icelandic) the Tesla Model X 90D (90 kWh)) seats up to 6 guests and has a range of over 400 km on a single charge. Soft white leather interior and falcon-wing doors to accommodate even the tallest of 'XMen' travellers on pilgrimage to the Deadpool movie location at Hatley Park's Castle & Gardens.

Prefer the power of nature to science-fiction? Set off stormwatching around the Pacific Marine Circle Tour and experience the wild Pacific coast: lighthouse points, shipwreck coves of Sooke and Port Renfrew to the towering trees of Avatar & Cathedral Grove's rainforest. Adventure to the endless beaches of the Juan de Fuca, West Coast Trail & Tofino!

Groups of greater than 6 guests can convoy up to 14 guests with multi-Tesla discounts.

Call +1 (877) 789-8752 (-TSLA) or email to book directly.


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