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Hraungler (Obsidian lit. 'Lava-glass' in Icelandic) the Tesla Model X 90D (90 kWh)

  • seats up to six guests in Tesla's serenely-quiet, luxurious and sporty style

  • 420 km max range: quick-charges at 100 km/hr: about 4 hours to a daily charge @ 80A

  • our PV (solar-panels) generate enough electricity to power over 20,000 km/year of Tesla Tours

  • Tesla Superchargers (Nanaimo & Vancouver) charge to 80% (400 km range) in 30 minutes

  • Our 2020 Tesla Model X 90D is equipped with Full Self-Driving AutoPilot (optional)

Detailed Technical Specs:

    • acceleration: 0 - 100 km/hr < 4.8 sec

      • 2016 Performance P90D < 3.2 sec

      • 2017 P100D < 2.9 sec: quickest production SUV *ever*

    • range: 420 KM all-electric on a single charge (90 kWh battery)

      • more than double the range of any other eV back in 2016

      • a new 2019 Tesla Model X 100D has a range of over 520 km

    • charging:

      • overnight at home or many area hotels, takes just 4 hours (100km/hr @ 80 A) to a full charge from empty with a Tesla Wall Charger

      • our 22-panel, roof-mounted, grid-tied 9.5 kW array of solar-PV (photovoltaic) panels generate enough electricity for over 40,000 km/year of Tesla Tours

      • Tesla Superchargers (in Nanaimo and Vancouver) provide an 80% charge (360 km of range) in just 30 minutes, so we can road-trip to Tofino and back or right across the US

      • We were the first to pilot a Tesla on the Cross-Canada Supercharger network thru 5 blizzards from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Seaway in December of 2019

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