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Tours & Destinations

Tesla Tours provides exclusively-efficient, solar-powered tours in a Tesla Model S & brand-new Model 3

(Model X coming soon) visiting locals' hidden gems & world-class destinations around Victoria, BC


Each Tesla Tour includes pick-up & drop-off at your hotel or port-of-entry for up to six guests per Tesla

eVIP Special: combine tours (e.g., Caledonia + De Vine) & get 10% off More than four people in your group? We can now accommodate up to 14 guests in our mini-convoy of t...
Reserve Date for Custom Tour
4 h
Craft Vine, Orchard & Stills
VI Motorsport Circuit Express
Cowichan Valley Wine Tasting
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Craft Vine, Orchard & Stills
Craft Vine, Orchard & Stills
Castles & Brews
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Al momento non ci sono servizi da prenotare
Cider Circle Tour