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Alset Tours Jedi Mastery - Signature Model S

Want to master Alset Tourism? Book your private session with a Jedi Master and launch your own Tesla-based travel business.


Drivers Wanted now to join the Rebel Force in our PV-EV School of Sustainable, Alset Tourism!


Want your own Tesla? Think you can't afford one? Think again. That's about to change.


Now you can drive for Alset Tours in your very own Tesla (*requires commercial license, insurance & the burning desire to be a tour guide with the Alset Force: solar-power is recommended but optional).


We will show you step-by-step how to setup an Alset Tours affiliate business to help you cover the costs of Tesla ownership. Not only that, but we will mentor you through the process of launching & running your Alset Tours operation.


Your 100% refundable, satisfaction-guaranteed purchase comes with an introductory three-hour, one-on-one consultation as well as one month of free, 24/7 access to the Alset Tours Driver's wiki: launch-date 01 April 2021.

Alset Tours Jedi Mastery - Signature Model S

C$200.00 Regular Price
C$100.00Sale Price
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