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100th Birthday Culinary Tour Giveaway!

The lucky winners will enjoy movie tickets to a Special Screening of 'Little Italy' & a Special Bonus of a chance to win a half day Culinary Tour for 2 in a Tesla. Deliciously exciting! To enter our co-sponsored contest with Kitchens of Distinction, click here!

August 11th, 2018 would’ve been my Dad’s one-hundredth birthday. Dad did pretty darn well, making it to 92 despite humble Bélanger beginnings as a francophone journeyman’s son in post-WWI West Toronto & battling Parkinson’s in his later years.

As a proud Team Fox Member, we’re celebrating Dad’s hundredth birthday by donating all proceeds from our Culinary Tour Contest (retail value over $600) to The Michael J. Fox Foundation. For a special bonus surprise, tell us what kind of car Dad’s dad drove. 

Dad always said he intended to live to 100 (like comedian George Burns) just to annoy his family and get the most he could on his pension. We hope you’ll agree that Dad taught us well how to provide unparalleled value and dedicated, spirited service on every single solar-powered, fully-electric Tesla Tour

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